Fun facts about Silhouette designers

M: Minda
HL: Hui Li
MY: Min Yi
Reveal one fun fact of the company culture.
Everyone loves to eat and we talk about food every day 😀
Give a short introduction about yourself.
M: Hi I’m Minda, I’ve been in the bridal industry for a very long time and I’ve seen the beautiful transformation of bridal fashion from glamour and classic styles to the contemporary styles of today. I still love it every day.
HL: Hi I’m Hui Li, I graduated from NAFA and I have always loved sketching and sewing since I was 7 years old. I chose to enter the bridal industry as I love to work with beautiful laces, fabrics and beadwork.
MY: Hi I’m Min Yi and I graduated from Raffles Design and I decided to specialise in bridal fashion as I really enjoy working on intricate details and couture dresses, rather than RTW which is mostly fast-fashion. It is also really amazing to see someone wearing your creations first hand.
What’s your favourite food?
M: Anything spicy.
HL: Nasi Lemak.
MY: Ice cream!
How will your bridal gown look like for your own wedding?
M: My bridal gown was very much like Princess Diana’s gown.
HL: Illusion lace A-line gown with a long train and ¾ sleeves.
MY: Hmmm, I’m not sure…probably something with long sleeves :
What’s your favourite movie of all time?
M: Pretty woman
HL: Titanic
MY: District 9
How would your clients describe you?
M: Professional and honest with my opinions
HL: Bubbly and patient
MY: Serious and soft-spoken
If your friends were to describe you in one word, what would it be?
M: Confident
HL: Trustworthy
What do you enjoy doing in your free time? (i.e. hobbies)
M: Watching movies with happy endings and soaking in coffee culture
HL: Cycle and going on nature walks
MY: Hiding in the library to read and practising my violin
What would you be if you weren’t a designer?
M: Be a taitai and drink coffee
HL: Food critic!
MY: Performer.


We often get asked about where we get our inspiration from. Inspiration comes from endless research, or it could be as simple as something we see in the streets every day; it comes when you are searching for the tiniest detail, or it comes when you least expect it. A bridal gown designer’s job is to turn these inspirations into physical ideas in the form of Bridal Gowns.
We start off by researching on the bridal trends of the season on our own and doing up a few sketches. Then 3 of us will sit together in a gruelling session to discuss the designs – what works and what does not work. The Asian market is very different from the Western market; Asians are more conservative and prefer something more elaborate while Westerners like simple and fuss-free gowns. We always take that into consideration when designing. When the designs are finalised, we go on fabric and material shopping trips, then it’s time to send it to our seamstresses for production.
We’ll schedule a design session with our seamstresses to go through the designs with them. This point is crucial, as any form of miscommunication will result in an unintended outcome. Sometimes, a single design can take up to one hour to finalise. When everything is done, the seamstresses will proceed to make the dresses, and 2 weeks later, it’ll be ready! However, at this stage, the dress is only 50% completed, it still requires a lot of detailing work, which is all done by hand. This is the part where the designers will work their magic! First, we start off by finding the perfect lace to match the gown. Is this lace enough? Is it too flat? Does it need another lace to compliment the design? When all is decided, we get to work cutting out lace patterns and pinning them onto the gown, followed by hand sewing the lace appliques to secure them down. This is what most of our clients see us doing when they step into our studio. The final step to complete the gown is the adding of the beading details. We’ll go through the same process of picking out the beads and crystals that is suitable and sew it onto the gown. Finally, we’ll do a full check and touch up any loose ends and the gown is ready to be placed on our rack for brides to try!